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Premium CV-Bundle

With your Premium CV-Bundle, you will create the best resume of your life!

A resume that recruiters and HR professionals desire! This bundle is designed to place you directly in the „A-pile“. A-pile?

As a highly experienced headhunter and recruiter who has reviewed 30,000+  resumes and social media profiles to date, I  know exactly where the eyes linger and  what matters to land you in the „A-pile.“ In  fast-paced recruiting projects where  positions should have been filled yesterday, applicants and actively sourced candidates  are typically pre-sorted into three piles: A,  B, and C.

Pile A, B or C?

A-pile: Very interesting, invite for interview

B-pile: Maybe, not bad, keep in mind

C-pile: No fit, not suitable, rejection

I want to see you in the A-pile!

P.S. Don’t forget: Your CV is first-impression-everything, your wonderful  presentation, your sales space – showcase your talents and skills with pride!


And now I wish you much success on your way to the A-team!